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Intelligent Medicine Podcast Passes the 9 Million Download Mark

It seems like only yesterday that we announced that Dr. Ronald Hoffman's Intelligent Medicine Podcast surpassed 8 million downloads. Well, it wasn't actually yesterday, but it was only a few months ago, and we've reached this new milestone in record time!

“I can't say that we're surprised at the explosive growth of the podcast, given the health crises the country has been dealing with." says Alan Eisenson, Media Management Group’s EVP/Business Development. “We’re grateful that so many have chosen Dr. Hoffman as the go-to place to find the advice and insights they need to make smart choices for themselves and their families."

Dr. Hoffman agrees. "I've seen the demand for critical thinking in health information, and have always worked hard to provide that voice. I look forward to continuing this journey with my expanded audience in the years to come."


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