About Us

There have never been more opportunities to grow your brand and reach your target consumer! But effectively combining emerging digital platforms with traditional media has made managing these opportunities more complex.For more than 23 years, Media Management Group has worked hand-in-hand with top talent, major companies and organizations to devise, build and manage their media strategies.

Media Management Group, LLC was founded in 1992 to manage the careers of major media personalities, professional speakers and authors, quickly becoming one of the preeminent companies in the field.

Over time it became clear that, in addition to personal management, other opportunities existed to help grow our clients’ businesses in a rapidly changing media environment. MMG broadened its scope by adding Marketing, Creative Services, Digital, Advertising Sales and Business Development services. Our company has had success across a wide range of media and business products, and has earned a reputation for creativity, cutting edge practices, and a keen understanding of media convergence and how to use it effectively.

Today, MMG works with top companies, organizations, personalities, and brands to help them grow their businesses and generate revenue. We are located on Fifth Avenue in New York City, across from the iconic Empire State Building.