AARP Radio

Targeted Lifestyle Radio Content

What is the AARP Radio Network?

  • Hundreds of stations across the country with a high concentration of 50+ listeners
  • Formats include News/Talk, Country, Classic Rock, and Classic Hits
  • Attracts baby boomer and older listeners, and provides the optimal environment for AARP's content and messaging from our sponsors.




Aligns your message with one of the nation’s most trusted brands

Extends your media mix

Reaches a targeted 50+ audience

Embeds messaging within custom content

Offers category exclusivity

Provides flexible content and distribution

Adds affordable broadcast to
your media plan

Ad Messaging Format

Advertisers’ messages are embedded within relevant AARP content. Benefit from a connection to the AARP brand.

Custom Messaging

  • Custom AARP branded content focusing on the sponsor’s category (Health, Finance, Travel, etc.)
  • AARP Radio can provide a spokesperson on sponsor’s behalf, such as a notable expert or celebrity.
  • AARP Radio offers full production, including script development and recording.


Custom Distribution

  • Based on sponsor’s objectives, AARP Radio will customize distribution by geographic regions (network radio copy splits), and specific stations,(local, regional spot markets).



Note All radio sponsorship packages are customized based on sponsor’s objectives, timing and budget.